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The design for the new Atlas Concorde showroom grew from the wish to showcase the company’s products and focus attention on their quality by displaying them as if they were works in an art gallery. It is no coincidence that the showroom is located in the heart of Brera, an area of Milan renowned for its galleries and art institutions.
Architecturally, Lissoni Associati wanted to remove the many layers that had accumulated over the years in order to reveal the distinctive characteristics that are typical of Milan’s historic houses. In the first of the showroom’s many areas - the “Gallery”, the principal features are the display elements designed as panels to show the various products, and thanks to a ceiling incorporating smart technology and guides, these can be moved to generate different pathways according to need.
The Materials Storeroom was instead inspired by museum archives and large sliding panels in metal mesh enable products to be displayed in different ways depending on the collections that the company wants to present.
Towards the interior sit a lounge area for receiving clients, and a co-working area with a large table for meetings and the kitchen, both redesigned and clad with Atlas Concorde products. In each room, materials from the catalogue pave the floors to display their distinctive characteristics, while the flooring of the internal courtyard presents the products from the outdoor collection. Painted metal plate frames the doorways to uniform and enhance the passageway openings in the bared-down walls. Lastly, there is also an area reserved for temporary exhibitions, further animating the space with new projects and installations.

Photographer - Matteo Cirenei


79 Mercer Street, 5th floor
New York, NY 10012 - USA
O +1 646 590 8006

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