Shangri-La Shougang Park
- Beijing

2019 - 2021

Lissoni & Partners has designed a new Shangri-La hotel in the abandoned industrial area of Shougang Park, China. The hotel was inaugurated in 2022, for the Beijing Winter Olympics. The former industrial complex is situated around 20 km from the Forbidden City, where many of the Game’s sports venues were located. The 5-star hotel managed by Shangri-La (Shougang Group) includes a series of interconnected structures divided between the Main Building housing the common areas and the Guestrooms Building that accommodates 282 rooms. This adaptive reuse project includes preserving the architecture of the original façades and designing new interiors with both internal and external green spaces. 

The existing structural framework of the Main Building has been maintained but emptied of its interior to reveal the skeleton of its industrial heritage. The weathering of the structure has transformed the concrete walls and steel roof trusses into a fascinating backdrop that frames the new construction. 

An extensive façade in glass covers the original architecture, enclosing the building in a transparent skin that leaves the style of the building intact while controlling the light and temperature inside so that even in winter, the contemporary interior garden will be filled with greenery. 

The new construction extends the Main Building and houses the events spaces. Here, the façades are clad in black ceramic bricks and marked by the contrast between the large exterior wall and the narrow proportions of the vertical and horizontal openings. The Main Building connects to the 282-room Guestrooms Building via an elevated bridge designed to soften the overall design of the structure by dividing it into smaller volumes separated by vertical openings.

2021 - The Plan Award - Honorable Mention
2022 - AHEAD Asia Awards - Winner "Hotel Conversion" and "Lobby and Public Spaces" categories; winner "Hotel of the Year"
2022 - AHEAD Global Awards - Winner "Hotel Conversion" and "Lobby and Public Spaces" categories

Photographer - Tsing Lim@AGENT PAY


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