Four Seasons Private Residences Lake Austin
- Texas

Field of intervention: interior design

It was immediately apparent that this Austin location was truly one-of-a kind and would require interiors unlike any other. Situated on a secluded hillside, it offers a sense of immersion in nature, boasting stunning 360-degree vistas of the lake, city, and woods. The aim was to maximize the panoramic views, seamlessly integrating the exterior with the interior.

Carefully sourced materials bring the luxury of the Four Seasons experience to this location, creating an oasis that appeals to both visitors and those relocating to Austin, one of the fastest-growing cities in the US. Natural materials like eucalyptus, oak, and American walnut, along with variably textured stone, create a harmonious color palette inspired by nature. The natural airflow allows the scent of cedar and citrus trees to permeate throughout, providing residents with a transformative luxury experience in both private and communal living spaces. The refined interiors are minimal, warm, and timeless.

The restaurant is designed to cater to a variety of tastes and accommodate various functions. It includes public dining spaces as well as intimate private areas where personal chefs are available to attend to the individual needs of residents.

Four Seasons Private Residences Lake Austin features 179 units, 9 villas, and an array of amenities. The lobby provides access to a range of public and private spaces, including the Spa, which embodies a sense of luxury and tranquility in the Japanese tradition. It features hot and cold pools for invigoration or relaxation, as well as nearby tennis courts and other sports facilities for more energetic recreation.

The cinema boasts customized seating, allowing it to function as a private cinema for individuals or as a venue for group viewings. The location also serves as a setting for Austin's vibrant music scene, offering performers the opportunity to hold private sessions before their public appearances.

A funicular connects these amenities to the lake, restaurant, and Boat House, providing direct access to Austin city center across the lake.

Imagery by DBOX for Austin Capital Partners


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